Footwear Care

Cleaning and Caring for Lomer Footwear

To ensure a long lifespan from your boots, the following steps should be taken after each use, when footwear has been exposed to dirt or moisture.

  1. Remove the insole, allowing it to dry naturally away from heat sources such as radiators.

  2. Allow the boots to dry naturally away from heat sources such as radiators, and away from direct sunlight. Exposing your boots to excessive heat can result in the leather hardening and cracking.

  3. Allow any mud to dry before brushing away with a soft brush.

  4. For stubborn dirt or marks, clean the upper gently with clean warm water only. Do not use soaps or detergents or wash your boots in a washing machine as this may damage the uppers.

  5. Your boots can be treated with wax or leather protector, please note wax should not be heated – this can clog the pores of the leather, reducing breathability. When waxing suede you may notice the leather becomes smoother and darker, this is a natural aesthetic change and will not affect performance.

  6. Store your boots at room temperature; exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures can cause hardening and cracking of the leather.

  7. When taking off, and putting on your footwear, please ensure you fully undo the laces and stretch out the tongue. Repeatedly forcing your foot into footwear can damage the lining of the heel, as well as result in the heel collapsing.